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CV. Changdong Indonesia (Bekasi, Indonesia)

CV. Shanghai Indonesia was established on May 5, 2007, the purpose of the company was established to produce agricultural machinery, plantations, fisheries, Small and Medium Industries and Small and Medium Enterprises. in order to support the acceleration of economic growth in the middle to lower classes and to open up new jobs.
At present, CV. Shanghai Indonesia produces agricultural machinery, including:

- Power Thresher

- Coconut Fiber Decomposition Machine

- Organic Waste Counter Machine (APPO)

- Hydraulic Packaging Press Machine

- Packaging Press Machine

- Pellet Printer Machine

- Brick making machine

- Hydraulic Paving Block Machine

- Plastic Counter Machine

- Granulator machine

- Red Brick Press Machine

- Mixer machine

- Charcoal Pyrolysis Machine

- Coffee Machine

- Corn Sheller Machine

- Hammer Mill or Corn Smoothing Machine

- Interlocking Brick brick press machine

- Semi automatic paving block machine

- And many others

Location of CV. Changdong Indonesia is located at Jl. Gondang No.13, Jl. Nasional 1, RW.10, Mustika Jaya, Mustikajaya, Bks City, West Java 17158
To produce the items mentioned above, CV. Changdong Indonesia chooses raw materials such as Mild steel Plate, UNP Channel, Strip Plate and Concrete Iron, Stainless steel by choosing good quality. And we also accept all requests for raw materials from each of our customers. Also supported by experienced and trained technicians.
At this time CV. Shanghai Indonesia produces products and capacity according to market demand.
CV.Changdong Indonesian consumers are farmers, entrepreneurs, government, private sector and partners of government throughout Indonesia.

Vision CV. Changdong Indonesia:

"Prioritizing customer satisfaction for our services"

Mission of CV. Changdong Indonesia:

"Improve quality and quality, environmentally friendly efficiency"


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Jl. Gondang No.13, Jl. Nasional 1, RW.10, Mustika Jaya, Mustikajaya, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17158 Bekasi 17158
Bekasi , Indonesia



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