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Incubator 1000 Grains
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Specification of Incubator 1000 Grains

Capacity: 1000 grain (kampung chicken egg standing position)
Size: 100 x 60 x 120 cm
Product code: C1000
Shipping weight: 210 kg
Energy efficient: the electrical power of about 250 watt 220V
Multiplex materials and MDF (Medium density fiberboard)
Heater: heater element
The success rate is high: by following the correct procedures, the success of egg hatching machine with penetas Partners Jaya this can be over 90%. The traditional wayusually below 50% GUARANTEE!.
Setting air circulation with fan (fan)
Easy to be moved because it comes with wheels on the bottom of the machine
Control Panel for setting the temperature, humidity and air circulation.
Use the rack systems play, playback of all eggs with just once operates the handle from the outside of the machine (without flipping the eggs one at a time).
There is a heating emergency. If at any time the power goes out, you can use the genset.

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